Working as an HR Extras Employee

If you are looking to customize your work schedule, if you have been out of the field for awhile and want to integrate back into the HR world, or if you want the opportunity to diversify your skills, HR Extras may be just the answer for you. We can offer a variety of HR positions. A key philosophy of HR Extras is to provide the very best professionals to meet the needs of our client organizations. We will back you up during interim placements by giving you unlimited access to the expertise of the HR Answers consulting staff. As a well-respected consulting firm in the Northwest region, HR Answers has a staff of 12 experienced human resource professionals available to provide answers, guidance, and resources to help you be more effective and efficient in your interim position.


How do you become an eligible candidate?

If you have human resource experience, or if you are a recent graduate of a Human Resources degree or certificate program, you are eligible for HR Extras.

We evaluate each candidate's technical skills and abilities first through thorough phone screening, in-depth behavioral interviewing, and reference checking. We strongly believe these steps are paramount to ensure there is a good organization/candidate interpersonal match. We take the time to get to know each individual so that we feel confident both parties will be comfortable working together during the assignment. The Director of HR Extras has nine years experience in human resources and brings her expertise to the screening and matching process to assure satisfaction to both candidates in placement and the organizations where they work.


What types of opportunities are available through HR Extras?


Is HR Extras a temporary or placement service?

We are primarily a temporary staffing service, with 95% of our placements in the temporary category. Occasionally, a client does hire one of our HR professionals to become a member of their regular staff. We are thrilled when a client wants to have one of our employees join their regular staff. We think this means we have fulfilled our promise to help them build success from within. Therefore, we have a separate fee structure to easily accomodate this situation. We will also work with clients to provide direct hire candidates. There is never a fee to the candidate.


What benefits does HR Extras offer?


To learn more about becoming an HR Extras candidate, call us at 503-885-9875, or email