HR Extras is a blend of human resource consulting and employment placement services intended to meet the staffing needs of employers of all sizes and in all industries.. We assist organizations in the assessment of their immediate and long-term staffing needs. As a result, we provide:

HR Extras is unique on the temporary side because we:

This service, as a division of HR Answers, Inc, is based on a solid foundation. Founded in 1985, HR Answers is a consulting firm staffed by professionals with over 280 years experience in the human resource field who have the ability to offer practical information and solutions to human resource issues. Clients contracting for HR Answers services span all industries, operate in both profit and not-for-profit environments, employ less than 10 and over 20,000 workers, and effectively utilize the firm's consulting expertise in a variety of ways.

HR Extras strives to supplement an organization's own resources. HR Extras can provide the services of HR Generalists, Compensation Specialists, Benefits Administrators, Recruiters, HR assistants or HR Managers and others. We have skilled professionals in the greater Portland metropolitan area and Vancouver, Washington,* who can assist you with:

  • Interim HR Management
  • Compensation Program Design or Support
  • Benefits Plan Assessment; Policy & Procedure Development  
  • Employee Relations Issues
  • Performance Management Design and Information
  • Labor Relations
  • All types of organizational development and transition projects
  • Entry-level HR assistance 

HR Extras has been providing clients with HR professionals since the summer of 1998. We work with a wide variety of firms, including healthcare, manufacturing, software, and retail. We have provided temporary HR staffing to a broad spectrum of public and private enterprises, as well as profit and not-for-profit organizations. Assignment lengths vary from two weeks to nine months. The average length of an assignment is two to three months. As a result of client requests, in the spring of 2000 we began working with customers to provide direct hire opportunities for HR professionals.

HR Extras understands that today's business environment holds the contingent workforce in high regard. A combination of expertise and commitment to unmatched service is your guarantee of dependable, professional HR support whenever your organization needs it. We would like to be one of your strategic partners, and pledge to you our creative actions in providing you with quality and superior performance.  You can rely on us!

*(Special placements for other areas may be negotiated upon request.)


Outsourced Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection is a very time-consuming and challenging task for most business professionals. Ultimately, finding the right match is essential to success. If you do not have the proper resources, you can waste valuable time and money hiring the "wrong" person. This can lead to more time and money spent dealing with employee issues that may ultimately result in an uncomfortable termination. Have you been there? Did you know it costs, on average, $3,037 to replace each non-exempt employee and up to $7,703 to replace an exempt employee? Your recruitment and selection practices should work for you, not against you. Take the assessment below to see how your organization measures up!

Yes No  
q q 1. Do your managers run out of time to thoroughly interview candidates and then hire out of desperation?
q q 2. Do you have trouble finding qualified candidates?
q q 3. Are too many of your employees quitting after less than a year?
q q 4. Do you spend too much time dealing with employee issues?
q q 5. Are your managers surprised when the person they hired does not have the skills or knowledge they expected?
q q 6. Are you spending excessive time on hiring and replacing your key employees instead of focusing on business development and operational issues?
A "yes" to any of these questions
may indicate a need for assistance with your recruitment process.

Are you facing some of these challenges? If you are, you're not alone. We have the solution to your recruitment problems. We're HR Extras - a division of HR Answers, the largest independently owned human resource consulting organization in the Northwest. We specialize in providing targeted recruitment and selection services. We can help your existing HR staff by taking on the time consuming process of one or multiple candidate searches. This will give your staff more time to focus on other pressing HR issues. We can work on-site with you - or we can work remotely. The choice is yours. We will screen resumes, conduct reference checks, or handle the entire process and simply send qualified candidates to you. So, if the whole recruitment process is more than you can handle, call HR Extras. We will customize a cost-effective solution to simplify your life!